Sean Durkan
Creative Director

Photo of Sean Durkan

Sean handles the creative direction of the company’s games as well as designing games, audio and concept art which is used by our graphics artist and composer to generate content for our games. Sean also programs the main gameplay, and is currently handling Android ports.

Along with his work with exGamers Studios, Sean has also be teaching game design & development at Pulse College since 2011. His background is in physics and photonics and he holds an Honours Bachelors of Science degree in Nano science. He has worked with Eblana Photonics, Dublin and members of UCC and the Tyndall Institute, Cork in developing research projects. He also holds a CPD certificate in game design & ludology, Android applications development, from the Dublin institute of technology, and a Certificate in Computer Programming from the College of Computer Training, Dublin.

Stephen Byrne
CEO of exGamers Studios & Programer

Photo of Stephen Byrne

As CEO, Stephen’s duties are in overseeing the overall direction and strategy of the company. Stephen was also the lead programmer on Source Control and is responsible for web development and the financial management of the company.

Stephen was formally at IBM, Dublin where he worked as a web tool developer and project manager, as well as a hardware test technician. He holds a National Diploma in Electronic Engineering from Dundalk Institute of Technology as well as CPD certificates in games design & ludology and Android applications development.

Davy Ryan
Pipeline Director & Programer

Photo of Davy Ryan

As pipeline director, Davy takes the initial game ideas and prepares a prototype from where the ideas can be tested, developed upon and the main game development can be started. He also acts as a support programmer if an extra programmer is needed, and is also a 3D modeller.

Davy holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Technology from Galway Institute of technology as well as certificates in game design and ludology and 3D computer aided design.

About Us

exGamers Studios Develops Computer Games,

At exGamers studios our mission is to develop innovative, fun electronic games of the highest quality using current and emerging technologies. These games are for all platforms and all types of players, young & old(er). We make games we want to play, and more so, we make the games our friends and families want to play.

We feel that great games result from great teams pushing the envelope of design, code, art and sound. Teamwork is an important aspect of life at exGamers studios and we believe that balance of work-life & social-life is integral to the creative process.

Company Profile:
exGamers Studios has crawled out of the basement of obscurity and into the relative murk of obscurity after some success in the 2012 Microsoft imagine cup. Raising to the ranks of “world-qualifiers” they’ve set their sights a little higher expressed in the motto – “Ah’ Shur’ why not?”.

With tumultuous support from their friends, family & Dublin’s roguish band of indie developers,they’ve put their heads together, united by unemployment and a passion for games, to bring their impish creations into this world

exGamers initial focus is on breaking-moulds in casual games, by producing high-quality puzzle games across many genres, for all types of people and all types of platforms (also we would like to come up with more pottery-based analogies for use in the future). At exGamers Studios we issue a challenge to anyone who ever said to them “I want to make a game” – What the hell is stopping you?

Things to click on:

We’re a rag-tag bunch of “devil may care” miscreants, working out of a basement somewhere Dublin. From our varied backgrounds we joined forces, united by our passion for games. It’s been several months since we’ve set forth our agendas, and already they’re well know. Total global domination! ( and the domination of all geodesic spheroids ).